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Ask Sam

Personal or small group training with Sam

...programmes designed around you.

Would you like to...

  • Lose weight or improve your fitness
  • Exercise safely whilst managing an illness
  • Reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol or risk of heart disease
  • Reach a goal time for a race or an event
  • Know how to exercise safely during or after pregnancy
  • Regain your confidence and fitness after an injury

In short, do you want to feel better about yourself? If the answer is yes, then personal training is for you.

It's working for me...

In late 2008, I was ready to accept a life of compromises. Then I met Sam! At my first PT session, I barely managed a very easy 5 mile bike ride. My fitness appraisal contained scary words like obese and hypertension. Today, I'm very nearly at a goal weight that only existed in my dreams and training to cycle 150 miles from Seascale to Whitby in a day.

Throughout my journey, I've called on many of the excellent skills and qualities that Sam has in abundance. Her motivational skills are second to none and her holistic approach is a real bonus. Sam's common sense approach and infectious enthusiasm has converted some of my dafter ideas into challenging but achievable goals. A true professional, completely committed to ensuring your success, she really has made the difference.

Sue Templeman, February 2013

Message from Sam: Sue has done brilliantly and is still in training with us at BodyFit. She's continuing to work hard on eating healthily and now follows an achievable exercise routine. It's been great working with you Sue.

Sue before training with BodyFit Sue after training with BodyFit

What services are on offer?

This will vary depending on the potential client's goals but could include:


All clients are encouraged to undertake an initial fitness appraisal. This is a structured assessment that pinpoints exactly where a client is in terms of their health and fitness when compared with other people of their age and gender. It is a way of forming a benchmark from which future comparisons can be made and improvements in health and fitness can be measured. During the appraisal, the client's goals and ambitions are also discussed at length in order to determine that they are realistic and how they can be achieved. This process usually takes approximately one and a half to two hours. Results of the appraisal are then analysed and a comprehensive written report is provided for the client.

After the appraisal, following sessions are then spent in training. A training schedule is designed to match each individual client's needs, goals and time available for training. I accompany the client in order to ensure that they are exercising with correct and safe technique and within the correct heart-rate training zones when applicable. I offer encouragement, support, advice and feedback throughout each session. Re-appraisal is undertaken approximately every three months or on completion of the client's goal. The appraisal will comprise a selection of the following depending on the needs and goals identified by the client:

  • Measurement of height and weight to provide a Body Mass Index
  • Measurement of waist and hip to provide ratio indicator for Coronary Heart Disease
  • Skinfold measurements to determine lean and fat mass percentages
  • Resting heart rate
  • Sit-up test
  • YMCA 3 minute step recovery test or Chester step test
  • 12 minute walk/run/bike test
  • 'Bleep Test' to provide an indicator of VO2Max
  • Grip strength
  • Flexibility assessment

Provision of a Personalised Training Schedule

All clients who undertake personal training will be provided with a personalised training schedule that is designed to meet their specific needs. This could incorporate a multitude of approaches to training such as walking, running, biking, strength, endurance or flexibility training. Clients who are training for a specific athletic goal such as a race or event will be provided with a periodised training schedule that will be divided into base, preparation, competition and rest phases in order to prepare thoroughly and scientifically for the given events.

Sports Conditioning

Conditioning can be undertaken for any given sport. Main movements and muscle groups will be analysed within the sport together with the client's strengths and weaknesses and training devised accordingly. This approach is very specific and is aimed at athletic performance rather than fitness for health.

Exercise for Special Populations

Personal training sessions can be tailored specifically to suit those who have special fitness needs, for example:

  • Those recovering from a major illness such as a heart attack or stroke
  • People who have limited or no mobility in some or all joints
  • People who are clinically obese or who have never exercised
  • Ante or Post-Natal women who would like the reassurance of one to one care

Sessions of one hour are unlikely to be suitable for many people initially and will be tailored to meet the individual's needs, i.e. a block of four one-hour sessions could be divided into 8 x 30 minutes or 12 x 20 minutes.

Dietary Appraisal

This is a closer look at a client's diet and involves analysis over a seven day period of the types of food consumed together with their relative ratios to one another. The analysis will highlight irregularities in the client's diet in relation to the YMCA Level III Nutrition and Weight Management Award guidelines.

How much will it cost?

Professionally guided personal training sessions cost from £40 per hour.

Or train with a friend or BodyFit matched client for £25 per person or less depending on group size.

  • 1 block of 10 personal training sessions @ £40 per hour (each 1 hour duration): £400
  • 1 block of 4 personal training sessions @ £43 per hour (each 1 hour duration): £172
  • 1¼ hour personal training single booking for general advice and/or training schedules: £50
  • Class members (1 hour): £40
  • ½ hour update sessions for existing clients or class members only: £28

Group sessions also available for people with similar goals and fitness levels:

  • Two people for one hour: £50 (£25 per person)
  • Three people for one hour: £66 (£22 per person)
  • Four people for one hour: £80 (£20 per person)
  • Five people for one hour: £90 (£18 per person)
  • Other group sizes available on request
Ask Sam

If you want to discover your strengths and learn how to overcome your weaknesses then you can invest in a comprehensive fitness appraisal and detailed report: £180.