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Core Stability on the Ball: Via Zoom

Core Stability on the Ball: Hall

Core-Stretch Combo: Via Zoom

Circuits for All: Via Zoom

Circuits for All: Hall

"I thoroughly enjoy core stability classes. Over the past twelve months I've found that it has improved my overall level of fitness, has helped my pelvic floor no end (a definite plus after having three children!), has taken approximately two inches off my waistline and provided an all round good work out! Who'd have believed you could do so much with a ball?! General levels of fitness when you start really don't matter; you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. Aside from the fitness aspect, I've also made some new friends."

Sarah Cousins, core class member, at 22 weeks pregnant.


"Sam has helped me win not one but 3 world gold medals in masters rowing. I find her core and stretch classes so useful in maintaining my flexibility and in motivation for my sporting interests. And they are such fun as well!"

Nick attends our simply-stretch, core-stretch and core-ball sessions


"I'm in my eighties and I've been at BodyFit Circuit and Stretch classes twice weekly. BodyFit has stopped me seizing up as I have got older. The classes make you realise what you can do, and thought you couldn't - like getting down and up off the floor unaided! After breaking my hip some four years ago BodyFit helped me get moving again. Going to the classes gets me out and about, and it's always a boost to see Sam and the rest of the gang and join in the activities."

David attends our simply-stretch and circuit sessions.