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Welcome to BodyFit Cumbria.

We're here to help you improve your fitness and feel good!

Perhaps you need some gentle encouragement to exercise regularly? Or you're an aspiring athlete and need help with your training plan? Perhaps you’ve have had a hip replacement? Aged 25 or 85, it doesn’t matter.

Contact Sam to see how we can best help you.

How about our Return to Running (R2R) Course?

  • You've run in the past but perhaps not recently?
  • Perhaps you've lost your confidence or your mojo?
  • Or returning from illness injury and you'd like a bit of company and motivation?

If this sounds familiar, then our a six week R2R programme will literally get you back up and running.

MetafitCalendar Resumes in the Methodist Hall on Tuesday 11th January. It's the original HIIT class and will get your new year off to a flying start.

Back by popular demand: Simply Stretch 45', starting Friday 14th January at 17:00. A relaxed stretch session to set you up for the weekend. Some folk join with a G+T or a glass of wine in hand... others have been known to attend in their pyjamas. Whatever your choice of beverage or attire, you'll certainly be both stretched and relaxed by the end of the class.

Take a look at our What's On? calendar for further information on all activities.

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