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Core-Stretch Combo: Via Zoom

Our Simply Stretch sessions are a great way to improve your flexibility and maintain good joint health. If you'd like to increase your range of movement, particularly in your hips and shoulder girdle, these classes are ideal for you. If you've attended yoga in the past, you'll be familiar with many of the stretches.

We offer stretch options to suit everyone, no matter what their current ability. Choices will include chair, floor and standing options and the use of props such as a scarf or old tie, blocks or books. The key is that we all make same basic shape and stretch the same muscle groups. However, the way in which that shape is made will be different for every person. We'll guide you into the best shape for your body. Over time and with practice, your range of movement will increase.


"I'm in my eighties and I've been at BodyFit Circuit and Stretch classes twice weekly. BodyFit has stopped me seizing up as I have got older. The classes make you realise what you can do, and thought you couldn't - like getting down and up off the floor unaided! After breaking my hip some four years ago BodyFit helped me get moving again. Going to the classes gets me out and about, and it's always a boost to see Sam and the rest of the gang and join in the activities."

David attends our simply-stretch and circuit sessions.


"Fell walking is important to me, even though ageing brings fitness challenges. But Sam's Core-Strength sessions develop my leg, lung and body power, while Stretching sessions keep my joints flexible and improve my balance and agility. These regular exercises help give me the confidence to keep getting out on the fells."

Margaret attends our simply-stretch and core-stretch sessions.