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Maintaining and improving strength is important for bone density in both men and women. This class will use hand weights and bodyweight to help build strength. Sam will guide you through the workout, providing a range of exercise adaptations to suit your current fitness level. If you've no weights, then improvise, e.g. water bottles or a rucksack with heavy 'stuff' in it. Ideally have a range of weights to use.

Sandra on the fells

"I have been going to Sam's BodyFit classes for over 15 years. Over this time I have joined running, core, MetaFit and lately stretch classes. Having the freedom to choose 'virtual' or 'live' classes really works for me. The hall based classes are fun, with a great atmosphere which really helps whilst pushing ourselves! Sam's experience and professionalism can help you achieve your goals whatever they are. For me, this year I am attending the Core and Stretching classes, this ensures I keep healthy whilst working full time and will definitely put me in a good place to enjoy my summer, walking and SUP."