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The original High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that keeps on working! Burn maximum calories in the minimum time because you're working at a very high intensity. The result is a heightened post exercise 'after burn' of calories.

A typical MetaFit with BodyFit class is 55 minutes, comprising of 10 minute warm up, 25 minutes of HITT (including recoveries) and the remaining time for post exercise stretching. No dancing, no keeping time to music, just good old-fashioned hard work! Come and see for yourself.

We've adapted the format slightly making both the warm up and stretch sections longer giving a 55 minute class. Our aim in this is injury prevention and to provide a thorough post-workout stretch. Doing just a few minutes warm up before such an intense session is okay if it's very warm but most of the time in Cumbria it's not! Also, we know from your feedback that many of you won't do post-exercise stretches on your own... the intention is there but as soon as you step out of the class environment 'life' takes over. As a result, MetaFit with BodyFit classes are 55 rather than 30 minutes long.

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