Personal Training

Personal or small group training with Sam. Programmes designed for and around you.

  • Reach a goal time for a race or an event
  • Regain your confidence and fitness after an injury
  • Improve your health and lose weight
  • Exercise safely whilst managing an illness
  • Reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol or risk of heart disease
  • Know how to exercise safely during or after pregnancy

In short, do you want to feel better about yourself? If the answer is yes, then personal training is for you.

Contact Sam to discuss your needs

How much will it cost?

Professionally guided personal training sessions cost £60 per hour.

Or train with a friend or BodyFit matched client for £30 per person or less depending on group size.

  • 1 hour personal training initial or single booking for general advice and/or training schedules: £60
  • ½ hour update sessions for existing clients or class members only: £35

Group sessions also available for people with similar goals and fitness levels:

  • Two people for one hour: £60 (£30 per person)
  • Three people for one hour: £75 (£25 per person)
  • Four people for one hour: £84 (£21 per person)
  • Other group sizes available on request